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Calgary Homes: What Are the Top 3 Things to Consider for Interior Finishes?

Building a home is an exciting process. Once you've selected your site and chosen your floor plan, you must select the interior finishes for your new home. Paint colours, floors, countertops, and more are customizable when you build a new home. Unlike the pre-made Calgary homes already on the market, where you have to buy them as-is, this one is yours - you get to make it exactly how you want it! The interior finishes are all yours to adjust and tweak how you want them.

With that said, there are three things to keep in mind as you make your final choices, and these simple tips will help ensure you enjoy your home for years to come.

1. Consider the Aesthetics in Calgary Homes

The first and perhaps most obvious thing to consider is how visually pleasing the interior finish is. And not just now, but how aesthetically pleasing will it be 5-10 years from now? Although design trends shift over time, some choices remain timeless. Hardwood floors, for instance, have an enduring appeal, while particular tile or laminate choices might become dated. Neutral paint shades endure, while more flashy options, like specific wallpapers, can go in and out of fashion.

Consider your residence's intended lifespan, too. If this is your forever home, let your desires lead the way. But if reselling is on the horizon, opt for styles that resonate with you and appeal to future buyers.

2. Are the Finishes Eco-Friendly?

Many interior materials are not environmentally friendly. For example, laminate floors are not eco-friendly because they require many toxic chemicals to manufacture them. Oh, and there might be formaldehyde in there, too. On the other hand, reclaimed wood is incredibly environmentally friendly and often looks better than laminate flooring.

There are other examples, of course, but you get the idea. When considering interior touches, you will often have the choice of environmentally friendly options; generally, choosing those will give you a better home overall - especially if you take advantage of the latest tech to create a smart home!

3. What Is the Maintenance?

Interior finishes may look nice, but it's also essential to consider their maintenance. How much upkeep do they require, and do you think you'll be able to keep them maintained for the next 5-10 years (or maybe more)? For example, a specific crown moulding might look good, but what about the dust? Or, a particular carpet might look amazing, but with kids and pets, will you have to keep cleaning it?

If you think the maintenance hassle of a particular interior finish will be too high, you may wish to consider an alternative!

Carefully Consider the Interior Finishes in Calgary Homes

Carefully consider the interior finishes and touches in your new Calgary home. Ideally, you'll pick something aesthetically pleasing, low in maintenance, and environmentally friendly. Your builder can help recommend finishes that will fit all these criteria, so you needn't feel you must do all the research yourself. Remember these things when selecting your interior finishes, and you'll have your perfect home in no

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